Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Inspirational places

The weather is good in England for a change. It got me thinking about my favourite place in all the world, Menton in the south of France.

I find the whole town an inspiration. I'm not alone in this, of course. Robert Louis Stevenson, Cocteau, Katherine Mansfield and many others were drawn there by its climate and also its lovely atmosphere.

I thought I'd write about this and invite others to share their inspirational places.

I love to sit in a cafe near to the picture on this post and look out at the Mediterranean Sea. I imagine Greek Triremes sailing along the shore, looking for a safe harbour and a place to trade their goods, I imagine all the people who have come to this place for solace and either found it or despaired of it.

I think of the fact that this town is on the border of France and Italy. That from 1848 it had a brief spell as an independent city state. That in the Second World War a line was drawn through the centre of the town, the eastern part going to Italy, the western to Vichy France.

I imagine the beautiful people who strolled here in the Belle Époque and the innumerable servants who toiled to ensure they had a gorgeous time. And I think of my wife, my love, who adores Menton as much as I do.

Then I get out my notebook.

Please share your inspirational places by leaving a comment below.


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