Saturday, 2 July 2011

Invisible Threads

They say that invisible threads are the strongest. After my experience today I believe they are.

My mother is 90 and has Alzheimer's disease. For the last four years she has lived in a lovely Care Home.

Her mood changes over time as does her memory. Sometimes she knows me, sometimes she doesn't. Every time I visit I wonder how she will be on this occasion. She has not often recognised me recently.

This morning, as I walked into the Home, I found myself humming a First World War song to myself, for no reason whatsoever. I dismissed the song from my mind, walked towards Mum's room and waited outside while she was given her medication. I sat down and Mum recognised me immediately.

Then she started singing George M. Cohan's First World War song, 'Over There.' I was flabbergasted.

In my youth I often said that Mum could read my mind. Now, even though her own mind is so fragile, she was doing it once again.

We had a lovely time. I showed her a photo of when I was about three years old. 'Look,' she said. 'You've got the same smile now as you had then.'

Invisible threads are the strongest.

As I left the Home I suddenly thought of a way I could honour Mum and thank all of the people who care for her and for others who suffer from Dementia. I have written a short story about my relationship with my mum since she has developed Alzheimer's. It's called 'The Stranger' and can be found in my collection 'Pick and Mix.'

I will donate all of the royalties from 'Pick and Mix' in July to one the Alzheimer's Charities.

Please buy the book and help support these charities in this way. Please click on the picture to the left and you will be able to buy it.

Thank you.

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