Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Writing Tip # 2. Harness your sub-conscious

Here is a little exercise which will allow your sub-conscious to help you when you are at a loss for a story or how to progress it.

It makes use of the following categories of story:

1. setting
2. protagonist
3. antagonist
4. theme
5. conflict
6. main action
7. subplots
8. resolution/cliff-hanger
9. point of view

Look around you, or go for a walk, and note down the nine most memorable objects you see.
Give each object a number.
Use the first memorable object to answer the following question: In what way is (the object) like or unlike the setting of my story?
Write down your answer.
Then ask yourself: In what way is object 2 like or unlike the protagonist of my story?
Write down the answer.
In what way is object 3 like or unlike the antagonist of my story?
Write down the answer.
In what way is object 4 like or unlike the theme of my story?
Write the answer down.
And so on down to object 9 and point of view.

Try it and let me know how it worked for you.

My thanks to Suzi Smith who first introduced me to using objects in this way although in a different field altogether.

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