Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Sorry I forgot to add the link to the new book and also the post. I need a cup of tea.

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On this day:

23 May

Literary events

1883 Douglas Fairbanks born
1943 Thomas Mann begins writing Dr Faustus
1966 Beatles release 'Paperback Writer'

Other events

1430 Joan of Arc captured and sold to the English
1568 The Netherlands declare independence from Spain
1813 Simon Bolivar leads the invasion of Venezuela and is proclaimed The Liberator

24 May

Literary events

1530 Wyclif's bible burned in London
1830 Mary Had a Little Lamb is written - does anyone know who wrote it?
1895 Henry Irving becomes first theatrical knight
1941 Bob Dylan born

Other events

1809 Dartmoor Prison opened to house French prisoners of war
1819 Victoria, future Queen of England, born
1916 Conscription begins in Britain
1930 Amy Johnson, first woman to fly solo from UK to Australia lands safely
1954 IBM announces vacuum tube 'electronic brain'

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