Thursday, 10 November 2011

Healing my injury

I've just got back from a Reiki session with Yvonne Bottarelli at the therapy centre at Marlborough House in Taunton.

It was magic. I feel healed and free of pain. The trauma of my injury slipped away like an iron gauntlet being unlocked and falling to the ground. I can hardly believe it.

Just to put this in context; I had a fall over three years ago and broke my ankle and shattered and dislocated my elbow. I was phobic about broken bones in general and dislocated elbows in particular having seen my mother struggle with two dislocating elbows throughout her life.

The people at Marlborough House have helped me incredibly in a number of ways. Nabeeh Marar has helped with the phobia and Daniel Hayward with the injury.

I was recommended to try out Reiki and booked a session with Yvonne Bottarelli. She was marvellous. Her inspired healing has made a profound difference to my injury, gradually weaving improvement, strength and health.

And now, today, at the final session I had booked with her before moving to France she worked what I can only describe as magic.

I feel I have got my arm back again. I feel whole and wonderful.

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