Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Back to Work

It's now been over a week since my Mum's death. The funeral was held yesterday and was lovely, a celebration of a long life well-lived.

Now I want to get back to work. I have written well over 50,000 words in my current novel and had planned to spend October finishing it off. Well, I've lost some time so I'll either have to increase my daily word rate or delay publication by a week or so.

The problem is that I have a deadline. We will be moving to France on 1 December and there is much to do to get ready for that move. Fortunately, we have already decided that this is to be out gap year and have decided to rent an apartment rather than to buy. This will minimise the tasks we'll have to do considerably. Still, there is still plenty of things to keep me from my writing.

Including writing this post.

I normally don't read the whole of a novel until I've finished it but I am now pondering reading the whole of it before picking up again.

One useful tip I've found, by the way, is to upload it as a PDF file on my Kindle. This gets the closest to the eventual reading experience and I am able to annotate it - although this isn't as easy as making pencil notes on a print-out. A good tip is to make your font large as Kindle can't make a PDF font look bigger. I found that a font size of 20 is the minimum.

Anyway, back to work. I'm looking forward to it.

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