Monday, 12 September 2011


I’ve had a phobia about broken bones, (cured by NLP) and dislocated elbows since the age of three when my mother dislocated both elbows. I watched them come out of place periodically and the agony as she had to manipulate them back. Compounded with my erroneous belief that I had caused her to fall it is not too surprising that I developed the phobia.

So, the worse thing which could have happened to me was to suffer the same injury. Yes, folks, I had the same injury.

It wasn’t caused by cage fighting an exceptionally large and vicious canary as I told my friends. It was caused by me slipping on a inch high path. I broke my right ankle, shattered my left are and, terror of terrors, dislocated my elbow. It was a terrible trauma, the worst thing to have ever happened to me. I still have intermittent pain some two years after the accident.

Today I went to the doctor to see about a tingling pins and needles I have developed in this arm. I saw a temporary doctor and she was rough. I know she was only doing her job but as she woman-handled me I was astonished at how the phobia swept back. And the pain. I felt quite wobbly.

Why am I blogging this? Five reasons.

One is because it made me remember how dreadful I felt when I had the accident and how powerful phobias can be. This, I can use in my writing. I now believe that a phobia can explain why people will do weird things which are otherwise inexplicable.

Two is to thank my arm for standing up to the accident in the first place.

Three, to thank the people who have done so much to help me, Nr Dunkley the surgeon, Dr Newmarch,my GP and the therapists at Marlborough House in Taunton, Mr Marar, Daniel Hayward and Yvonne Bottarelli who have worked marvels. I have recovered from my morning wobble speedily due to their techniques.

Four, to thank the accident for forcing me to stop focusing on my training business and start to fulfill my dream of being a writer.

And finally, to acknowledge, in the biggest forum I have, that I have an injury, am getting over it and the pain and can live with the growing pains.

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